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Technology assessment and strategy

In addition to the selection of low emission technologies, STS also provides high level advice concerning life cycle impacts and vehicle technology strategy. These can be used to place options within a long-term technology 'road map'.
STS has extensive experience of providing life cycle impact assessments for all vehicle types including biofuels and electric vehicles. Our life cycle database and methods encompass all the key supply chain elements including:
'Upstream' fuel cycle emissions associated with fuel production
Vehicle cycle emissions associated with vehicle manufacture
One example of a life cycle analysis conducted by STS is the life cycle assessment (LCA) of biofuels project which was used to inform Camden Council's biofuels strategy. A copy of the LCA report is available for download.
Final report: Biofuels LCA Report 2008 [1MB]
Developing a high-level technology strategy is also a key STS service. While appropriate technology selection is essential, STS believe that this is most effective when done within a long-term strategy; one that sets out a plan for development and implementation.
In 2011, STS conducted a heavy-duty vehicle assessment for the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport (UAE) which culminated in the development of a 20-year vehicle technology strategy aimed at reducing road transport emissions in the Emirate.
Presentation extract: Example technology strategy 2011 [0.5MB]