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Green fleet management

STS offers green fleet management advice designed to reduce fleet whole life costs and emissions associated with transport operations including fleet vehicles and employees using their own vehicles for business travel (the 'grey' fleet).
The key benefits of green fleet management include reduced operating and whole life costs, reduced CO2 and air quality emissions, maximise the efficiency of the existing vehicle fleet, and capitalising on the latest advances in vehicle technology.
In identifying and implementing cost effective solutions for reducing costs and emissions arising from transport operations, STS fleet management consultants can assist with the following measures:
Transport carbon footprinting
Business case for green fleets
Measures to reduce mileage
Incentives for lower CO2 vehicles
Driver training
Info and awareness campaigns
Fuel monitoring
Management of 'grey' fleet
STS can also advise on whether low and ultra-low carbon vehicles (including plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles) are appropriate for specific applications an drive-cycles, and how these can be incorporated into existing operational fleets.
STS consultants have carried out over 100 Green Fleet Reviews on behalf of the Energy Saving Trust for a wide range of private and public sector clients. STS also provide a direct fleet review service.
Screen shot: Car and van whole life cost calculator 2012-13 [150kB]